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Integrate mailmunch form

This guide will show how to integrate Ownpage's double-optin API with the Mailmunch service. For more technical information on the double-optin API, see the API reference here.

Retrieve your form key

You must first retrieve your form_key from the Ownpage support team. Please contact us at if your are interested.

Configure your form fields

  • Go to your Mailmunch interface, and edit your form.
  • Go to the "Fields" tab.
  • Click "Add a new Field" and select "New hidden field".
  • Set the name of the newly created field to "form_key".
  • Set the value to the form key Ownpage support gave you.

Integrate Ownpage API

  • In "Integrate" tab, click on "HTTP Post"
  • Use this URL (be careful to replace the TRACKING_KEY with your account tracking key) :

And done ! New subscriptions on your Mailmunch form will now be submitted to our double opt-in API.

Bonus : improve personalization for newly subscribed users

You are concerned by this part only if you have enabled navigation tracking on your website, i.e. you have installed the ownpage.js script

The purpose of this part is to associate the email address of the user with its cookie, as soon as he hits the "subscribe" button. To do so, we need to add some details to the form configuration on Mailmunch :

  • Go to the "Fields" tab.
  • Click "Add a new Field" and select "New hidden field".
  • Enter "ownpage_cookie_id" as name, and "ownpage_cookie_placeholder" as the value.

Then we will add a javascript to fill this newly created field automatically with the cookie of the visitor viewing the form.

  • Go to the "Behavior" tab.
  • In "Tracking pixel" section, add this script in the "View Pixel" field :
        var a=document.createElement("script"), n=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; a.type="text/javascript"; a.defer=1; a.async=1; a.src=""; n.parentNode.insertBefore(a,n);

And you're good to go !