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Use your own domain name in newsletter links

This guide will show you how to use your own domain name in newsletter links, hiding the domain name of our newsletter redirection service ( This configuration is highly recommended in order to get a unique identity in your newsletters (same domain name for the sender and links).

Secured redirection with HTTPS

  • Choose a subdomain name (,, ...)
  • Set up a reverse proxy on this subdomain, with an SSL certificate attached (*, that redirects to our redirection service (

In case it is not possible for you to set up a secured redirection to our redirection service, but still want your domain name in the links of the newsletters, you can choose the option of an unsecured redirection.

  • Choose a subdomain name (,, ...)
  • Define a DNS record of type CNAME to our redirection service (

Example with as the subdomain:

ownpage CNAME